Ticket To Ride as Scrum

3 minute read

Ticket to Ride is a popular game by Days of Wonder. In it you try to create a connections with your train lines from one city to another. You create the conn...


4 minute read

I was listening to a podcast episode recently and one of the things the hosts discussed made me think about conversations I’ve been in and reasons for how I ...


3 minute read

Systems are a hard thing to tie down. Ultimately they are just processes which you have in place to help you manage your work load. They could be as complex ...


1 minute read

I’ve been thinking this site needed a refresh. What you see is a newly minted and merged version of the site. I’m still using the same theme, but I’ve upgrad...

Leading From Behind

3 minute read

Many people are under the impression that you need to be in charge in order to be a leader. They’re wrong.


3 minute read

I recently learned about something called the habit journal and it’s been a great additional to my routine so far. Habits in and of themselves are neither go...


2 minute read

Experienced players play the game differently