2 minute read

This month I ran across a tool I think will make things much easier at work. Discord is a chat application much like Slack with a couple of different twists.


2 minute read

I tried a bit of an experiment this last week. I wrote a post two weeks ago and marked it for publication on the 9th, while I was out of town. Not only was I...

Logitech k760 Keyboard

1 minute read

A while back I picked up a Logitech K760 keyboard. It’s standard sized wireless, solar keyboard and it’s been one of the best keyboards I could get.

Book Review - Son of Justice

1 minute read

This is really just a quick look at the book and the impressions on it. It’s not a full review. I never read those things and feel like if I can get a quick ...

The Five Stages of Pull Requests

2 minute read

I’ve been back in the coding circuit for almost a year now, but I’ve never really been in a company that did pull requests as well as the team I’m currently ...

Personal Productivity with paper

2 minute read

I’ve been reading self-help and productivity books for years. I’m always interested in the latest gadget, method or trick that I can use that will help me ge...

Ticket To Ride as Scrum

3 minute read

Ticket to Ride is a popular game by Days of Wonder. In it you try to create a connections with your train lines from one city to another. You create the conn...


4 minute read

I was listening to a podcast episode recently and one of the things the hosts discussed made me think about conversations I’ve been in and reasons for how I ...